Mainefield's Howling Wolf

Summerplace Avalon
Q’s Blue Bear of Magic Love Eych from Glowing Eyes
Ch. Mountaineer’s Pink’n Ink
Summerplace Tessa Shanty’s Hijacker
El Dorado Nelli Yattu
Galadriela Silvi Cola Fin*Escape's Never Ending Koontucky King Arthur of Escape's
Fin*Escape's Izabella Coonzales
Chickabee SilviCola*PL Never Mind's Radio Ga-Ga
Fin*Escape's Hermione
Mainefield's Lady de Winter
Summerplace Jackson  Shanty's Hijacker Shanty's Blackout Bounty
Glowcoon's Ballerina
Summerplace Xandra Shirkan of Summerplace
Summerplace Virginia
Mainefield's Morphine Blackberry on Ice Indian Dreams Ch. Cuddle Bear the Tenderly
Unlimited Edition v. Pittental
A Smokey Way Lesley Mac Conner Silver Boy
Sutherlands Blossom