Langstteich's Deja Vue brown-mc.-tabby/white *17.10.2000


King of Lion's L'Designer Witchcat´s Kitty Dream St. Johns Kathy
Kitty up Geronimo
Langstteich´s L´Kapone Mount McKinley's Kassiopaya
Weidebusch's H. Lucas of Langstteich's
Love Hulen's Michigan Love-Hulen´s Juvel Love Hulen's Princess
Guldsfake's Bradford
Pawcatuck´s Bruiser Pawcatuck's Magnolia
Pawcatuck's Blue Machias
Langstteich's P'Replay red-tabby-classic *16.02.2002


Twilightzone Shu-Una Twilightzone Sheba Novacoons Jerry of Superstars
Langstteich's Mi-Laika
Tuscaloosa Adair Acadiapark Freejack of Tuscaloosa
Castine Navasota
Langstteich's Ca'Pepperony Capecoon's Perdita Capecoon's Righteous Rider
Coonmora Fyrefoot of Capecoon
Langstteich's Calvin Coonyham Wilbur,
Capecoon's Cinderella,