Our cements are not given up earlier than with 13 weeks to their new home, naturally  completely immunized with vaccination certificate and pedigree. Our cements are at that time plurally dewormed and checked by veterinary.

The first weeks our cements spend only with their Mummy. If they are a little bit larger and have learned to use the toilette they are allowed to capter the rest of our flat and take part at normal family life. Then they have knowledge to have contact with the great cats and human kids as soon as all further  background noises like - for example - the vacuum cleaner. Because of the participation at normal life and the permanent contact to others our cements are very tolerant and are very curiously also to stranges. Before you take the decision for a cements it would be pretty to visit us at home and test if you fall in love with the cement (and the other way). Often it has already happened that the decision was finally made by the cement ;-)

Certainly you have understanding that we only reserve obligingly our Sweeties only against partial payment.


available The cement is searching a new home!
Option Somebody is interested in the kitten, however, it is not anything still decided.
reserved A down payment has pařed and the kitten is nearly sold!
sold The cement is definitely sold. It was done a down payment and this Purchase-contract binding signed.